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individual testimonials

Individual Testimonials

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“At HearCanada, the moment you walk through the door you’re greeted with a warm friendly environment. They get to know you as an individual and what your needs are. They take the time to explain all options to you and do not push you to purchase the most expensive. They offer payments plans suited for everyone. I even got to try a state of the art hearing device for a week at no charge. The staff know what they are doing and know the products. I would highly recommend HearCanada to anyone who is looking for hearing aids.”

Jerry M.

My quality of life improved the moment I walked into the HearCanada office in North Vancouver. I was treated with dignity and respect, no only by the hearing aid technician buy by the staff at the front desk. The customer service has been fantastic. I was a client at the Institue for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Vancouver for almost 30 years. I witnessed and experienced an extreme down shift in customer service at IDHH and lessening in quality of product. I am so grateful to HearCanada. I have better aids, at a better price and service that makes me feel valued as a customer. Thank you HearCanada!”

Donna R.

“The staff at HearCanada is so efficient and they provide excellent service. The location is convenient and the parking is great. I recommend HearCanada.

Jim M.

“They were so helpful and able to answer all my questions. They really made this whole experience effortless. I liked how they were able to set me up with all the latest accessories, especially the Bluetooth. It has made using my cell phone with my hearing aids hassle free.

Frank V. with provider Don M.

“I am so happy my brother and I came to HearCanada. It has opened up a whole new world for both of us, particularly myself as I have no hearing on one side. With HearCanada’s help it has brought my hearing capabilities to a whole new level. I can now interact and communicate with people on either side.”

Gus S. (right) and Al S. (left) with provider Trisha D.

“I can hear and understand a variety of sounds simultaneously. It opens pathways of sounds that weren’t there before. I am getting used to the additional sounds. I am 83 and got hit on at the casino, if I didn’t hear it, she would have passed me by.”

Wallace W. with provider Noland Trombley

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