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online hearing check

Online Hearing Check

  If you think you have hearing loss, but you aren’t sure if you want to book an appointment at a hearing clinic, you can always try a free online hearing test. Taking an online hearing test is a great way to give you a better idea if you have hearing loss. They usually only require a few minutes of your time, and a pair of headphones connected to your computer. It is not as accurate as a full hearing test, but it will be able to tell you if you show clear signs of hearing loss. It is recommended that you visit the clinic for a full assessment of your hearing health and they can guide you on what to do after taking the test.     The Online Hearing Test is not a substitute for a professional hearing test performed by a hearing care professional. It is designed to help you decide whether you should have your hearing tested at the hearing clinic. If these indicate that you might have a hearing loss, you can book an appointment for a follow-up consultation with a local hearing care specialist.