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Hearing Services

Hearing loss is a condition that can develop gradually over a long period of time. In many cases, it happens so slowly that the person affected by hearing loss doesn’t even realize it’s happening. That can lead to people being in denial that there is a problem, similar to people who take a while to admit that they need eyeglasses. If you have hearing loss, an issue with your hearing aids, or any questions or concerns with your hearing health, contact us today to see how we can help. We offer several services:
    • Hearing tests for adults and children
    • Pediatric hearing care services for children
    • Hearing aid fittings, follow-ups, and adjustments
    • Try a hearing aid free for one week depending on your level of hearing loss
    • Hearing aid repair and maintenance
    • Hearing services for clients with coverage through Veterans Affairs Canada, Workers’ Compensation, First Nations, etc.
    • Hearing loss counseling on how to cope with the loss of your hearing
    • Custom made musicians plugs, noise plugs, sleep plugs, swim plugs, etc.
    • Earwax removal (a.k.a. debridement) and ear cleaning, when possible

Hearing Test

Our hearing tests provide a full assessment of the state of your hearing. Hearing or Audiometry tests can detect if you have hearing loss. During the hearing evaluation, we may perform multiple types of hearing tests to get the best understanding of your hearing loss. Some of the hearing tests may include the following:
  • Pure Tone Testing
  • Tympanometry
  • Acoustic Reflex Test
  • Standardized Speech Test
If your hearing test shows you have a hearing loss, and you decide to try out our hearing aids, we will find a hearing solution to fit your needs.

Hearing Test for Children

Some of our clinics can perform hearing tests on children depending on their age. During the hearing test, we ask young children to do a simple activity such as placing a ring on a peg when they hear a specific sound. Older children may have to press a button or raise a hand when they hear the sound until the child no longer reacts. Here is a list of the clinics that can see children for the test and at what age they can start to see them.
Abbotsford – 5 years old White Rock – 5 years old West Broadway- 12 years old
Bridgenorth – 6 months Cornwall Cumberland – 7 years old Nepean – 5 years old

Hearing Aid Repair & Maintenance

Hearing aids are small electronic devices made up of even smaller parts. It is important to do regular maintenance on the devices to help reduce any frequent repairs needed and help increase the lifespan of your hearing aids. Even if you maintain your hearing aids there can be small repairs that need to be made overtime and adjustments that can be made to improve your hearing. If the repairs are simple, they are easily managed at our clinic. Most of the time a thorough clean and check of your hearing aids resolves hearing aid issues. Sometimes hearing aids need small repairs such as:
  • Changing tubes
  • Changing wax guards
  • Cleaning the receivers
We repair and clean hearing aids of all makes and models to keep them working to their full potential. If the damage is more severe, the hearing aids are sent to the manufacturers for repair. Most hearing aid manufacturers in Canada are located in Ontario. It may take between five to ten business days to receive your hearing aids back from repair. Contact us to ask about our hearing aid repair services.

Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing aid batteries are an essential part of your hearing aids. Without batteries, your hearing aids won’t be powered and won’t work. There are four different battery sizes that you can get for your hearing aids. The size is helpfully indicated by colour coding across all brands and hearing aids.
  • Size 10 – Yellow: Due to their smaller size they also have the shortest battery life. One size 10 battery will last around 3 to 5 days, depending on the daily hours of use.
  • Size 312 – Brown: They are slightly larger and more powerful than the yellow size 10 batteries. One size 312 battery will normally last for around 7 to 10 days.
  • Size 13 – Orange: They will fit medium to larger sized hearing aids. One size 13 battery will typically last 10 to 14 days.
  • Size 675 – Blue: They will typically only fit larger-sized, more powerful hearing aids. One size 675 battery will typically last up to three weeks.
If you want to know more about the battery sizes or types that you need, you can contact your local hearing clinic.

Telehearing Care Service

Our Telehearing Care service is a great option if you feel more comfortable not coming into the clinic. We can perform hearing assessments. You can consult with a hearing care professional to discuss your hearing needs and if you have a current audiogram on file, you can select a product that suits your hearing needs and lifestyle. We can fit, program and fine-tune hearing aids — all from the comfort and safety of your own home. All you need is a stable internet connection, a device like a smartphone or tablet to install an app, and somewhere quiet where you can speak with a clinician.

Custom Ear Plugs

There are various situations and lifestyles that need hearing protection. Some workplaces, concerts, and even simple daily activities such as using a lawn mower, need a certain degree of hearing protection. Long and repeated exposure to sounds above 85 dB can damage your hearing. Custom ear plugs reduce the noise exposure level and the risk of hearing loss. Wearing hearing protection at all times when exposed to loud noise maximizes their effectiveness. If they are only worn part time, or if the protectors do not fit properly, the effectiveness is greatly reduced. That’s why we offer custom ear plugs for any type of noise reduction you could want.

Swimming Ear Plugs

Swimming plugs are a great option for sport or leisure swimmers to protect their ears. When you are swimming there is a possibility that different bacteria in the water can be entering your ear. This can lead to an itchy, painful, and potentially serious infection known as swimmer’s ear. Custom ear plugs help you avoid infections in your ear.

Sleeping Ear Plugs

Noise prevents thousands of Canadian each night from falling and staying asleep. To help reduce the amount of noise as you go to sleep, you can get your own pair of custom ear plugs, so you can get the quality of sleep you deserve.

Musicians Ear Plugs

Custom ear plugs can protect the musician’s or listener’s ears from long exposure to loud music, while still allowing you to hear the sound and frequency of the music at a safe and comfortable level. Interchangeable filters are available for varying levels of sound attenuation to suit individual needs.

Noise Ear Plugs

These ear plugs can help protect your hearing from the noise of power tools, engines, and other industrial machines. It allows you to hear conversations and alarms to permit communication on-site, in the shop or on the factory floor. Your choice of custom ear plugs can be influenced by several factors including noise level, environment, and comfort. Our hearing professionals are trained to customize hearing protection for their clients. The process involves taking an impression of your ear to make a unique mold that fits your ear perfectly.

Ear Wax Removal

Ear wax can be good for your ears, so the best policy is typically to leave it alone. Sometimes the ear wax is produced in our bodies faster than it can be removed or can be pushed back into the ear canal by other objects leading to a blockage. Some of our clinics offer an ear wax removal service to get rid of any ear wax buildup that may be hindering your ability to hear.
Or call us today at 1-855-283-4848 to schedule a hearing evaluation! We’ll find a time for you to stop by the local hearing center of your choice for a quick hearing screening.